One great thing about paper is that it is one of the world's most sustainable and renewable materials. It can be recycled and reused over and over again. Almost all of the paper that we use is recycled, with most of it made from entirely renewable energy. When picking new papers, we go through a strict testing and research phase, ensuring that it is FSC certified and has a low impact on the environment. FSC certified paper means that it originates from well-managed forests with a chain of custody that tracks the timber throughout its journey. A well-managed forest protects biological diversity and enhances the social and economic wellbeing of local communities. Learn more about the FSC here.

The majority of our suppliers are UK-based, with the rest being within Europe, limiting the amount of travelling and carbon emissions that go into our products. We only work with companies whose environmental ethos matches our own.

We produce most of our products ourselves in small batches, which reduces air miles, carbon emissions, and waste. Our outsourced products come from small UK-based businesses.

We try to limit our waste as much as possible by reusing excess materials to make our B6 books, bookmarks, and desk pads. Offcuts that are too small are collected and made into new paper.

We design our products to be exceptionally durable, high quality, and beautiful, reducing the likelihood of any going to landfill. Rather than throwing away imperfect products, we sell them at a reduced price via our seconds sales.

All our packaging is plastic free and made from entirely curbside recyclable materials. We use as little packaging as possible to reduce waste and encourage our customers to reuse when they can.